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January 19th, 2013 by Luann

National Board Certification Renewal: Evidence of Impact on Student Learning

In a previous post, I described a scenario in which an administrator clearly did not understand the impact on student learning a teacher must demonstrate to renew National Board Certification. If you’re wondering, too, read on.  And if you’re a renewal candidate, here are the files you’ve been looking for.

I’ve answered more than 100 emails this past week, asking for renewal help. As I write, there are almost 300 hits to this blog from searches for national board renewal help – just in the last month. As a result, I’ve decided to post a few items from the Renewal workshops I facilitate and a rationale for renewing.

My philosophy of a workshop emphasizes work.  Teachers in attendance are accomplished, busy, and I will not waste their time. Renewal candidates can expect to spend the bulk of the 8-hour time working on their Profile of Professional Growth. Most leave with Component 1 roughed out, at least 1 PGE drafted, and a plan for the remaining 3 components.

First of all, you’re renewing your certificate, not recertifying.  Recertification is what you must do should you allow your certificate to lapse, and it involves doing the entire initial certification process, again.

Here’s a graphic overview of the renewal process:

Professional Growth Experience (PGE)

• activity in which you learned something new
• has influence within or beyond classroom
• has direct or indirect impact on student learning
• may have begun before initial certification but
• has continued to evolve significantly after certification

You are already an accomplished teacher, or you would not have certified 8-9 years ago. You now will demonstrate that you are still learning and growing in your profession in a way that directly or indirectly impact student learning. You now must show sufficient professional growth. Sufficient.  From the PPG directions, here is a description of sufficient professional growth:

  • The renewal candidate has provided sufficient evidence of the identification of important needs in his or her professional context and of professional growth in areas that address those needs in a variety of rich and powerful contexts, including areas of content and/or pedagogical knowledge; and  provides sufficient evidence of the application of professional growth in ways that have a meaningful impact on student learning.
  • The renewal candidate has provided sufficient evidence of the acquisition of knowledge of current technology and/or effective and appropriate incorporation of technology into teaching and learning and draws on and/or contributed to the resources of the school, district, parents, and/or community.
  • The candidate has provided evidence of teaching practice in his or her certificate-specific area in ways that recognize the needs of students, ensures equity of access and promotes appreciation of diversity, and provides relevant and meaningful instruction for students.
  • •The renewal candidate provides evidence of professional growth that has evolved since certification and is varied and/or multifaceted. Although there may be unevenness in the level of evidence of professional growth presented, overall, there is sufficient evidence of professional growth since certification to support renewal of certification.

Many candidates have found using a chart an efficient way to organize their contributions to learners using a chart and post-it notes. You might want to start by writing down every professional activity you’ve ever done on a post-it, considering why you did each one (AKA the need.). Once you’ve got a pile of lists, and this will take a while, group the activities according to the whys, or needs, you identified.  NBCT is another name for overachiever.  You’ll have way more post-its than you’ll be able to write about. That’s okay. You can pare this down later.

Once you’ve grouped the activities by the needs they met,  you’ll use a set of criteria from the Renewed rubric to write. The charts, below, along with the prompts in your PPG directions, will guide your writing.

Small PGE chart

Large version of PGE chart

Component chart

As with your initial certification, emphasis is on showing impact on student learning. This is the part that is clearly ignored by those wanting to use student test scores alone to evaluate teachers. To earn National Board Certification, you must show not only that your students learn, but that you know your students, how to help them set appropriate and meaningful learning goals, how to help them reflect on their learning as you reflect on the same, and how to help them set new, higher goals.  Anyway, this time impact on student learning is both direct (Component 2; your work in a classroom) and indirect, through your leadership and contributions to the teaching profession.

Read the portfolio directions carefully. A few mistakes will probably make your PPG unscorable. Be absolutely sure that you appear in the Component 2 video. And be sure that the class you teach is from your initial certification area and age group.

Now, go strut your stuff. Renew. You don’t want to have to say ‘I used to be a National Board Certified Teacher.”



80 Responses to “National Board Certification Renewal: Evidence of Impact on Student Learning”
  1. WOW!!! Thank you Luann . . . this is an EXCELLENT summary of the Renewal process.

  2. Thank you so much for the help! Your blog is a wealth of support and knowledge. I love the PGE and component charts.

  3. I just found this. It is really a great way to help me get started. I feel enthusiastic instead of confused.

    • Glad to be helpful, Cindy. You will find the renewal process a fulfilling and reflective look at your practice for the past 10+ years. Keep me posted!

  4. Nancy Ellis says

    I am still feeling very insecure about selecting, naming and designing my PGE’s, but this IS really great info and the charts you included will be of great value. Thanks so much and if you post more info any time soon, please let me know!

    • Nancy, try putting accomplishments you might use on post-it notes and rearranging them by the need (yours, students, colleagues) that they met. You likely won’t be able to use everything you’ve done. Choose the growth experiences that best show how you met those needs. The good news is that once you’ve roughed out the PGEs (and chosen the two that you will use for Components 2 and 3 respectively, the rest will pretty much write itself. Stay in touch!

      • Melinda Gooden says

        What would be some examples of titles? Do you just use something like: Technology in the Classroom or Leadership or Mentoring……

  5. I’m so glad I found this website. I wish I could attend one of your workshops.

  6. Vanessa says

    I was awarded my certification for ages 11-15, which was great when I taught middle school, but now I teach high school. I’m up for renewal in 3 years and am starting to plan now. Do you know if I would be able to recertify for a different age group? I got my boards in English Language Arts, and the process was identical for both age groups.

    • Hi, Vanessa, you are wise to plan ahead! The process is pretty smooth, and planning will make it moreso. Currently you are to renew (recertification is if you let your certificate lapse and have to do the whole initial process again) in the subject area and age group of your initial certificate. It’s not a big deal to borrow a class if need be – many NBCTs do this very successfully. If you teach 9th grade, you may have a class of students whose birthdays fall into the EA age group, anyway. I heard a rumor while back that the renewal process may be reworked in 2017-17, but I’m betting it won’t be. I will renew (again) that year. So, keep your ears open. I’ll post updates when I know anything.

  7. Thank you for this helpful advice. I’m in the middle of narrowing down my PGEs and your charts are so useful in that process. Gratefully,

  8. This has been very helpful!!! I’ve bookmarked this site for further reference. This year is my first window for renewal in Early Adolescence Science. I’m still struggling with my PGE’s. How specific should the PGE be? For example, if one PGE is increasing the use of technology in the classroom, should the actual PGE be a specific “example” of a Professional Development for increasing technology?

    • Hi, Marcy. I’m glad you’ve found this information helpful.

      With respect to your PGEs, think first about the need (self, students, and/or professional community), then what you did to meet that need. For the “what you did” part, consider the rubric of a renewed NBCT which states that the professional growth should be ongoing, varied, and multifaceted. Rather than choose one activity that had a one-time impact, consider how you can show the ongoing impact on the need you are tackling. Read the prompts for writing Component 1 very carefully and literally. The scorer will look for a big picture. And remember that you have 12 pages of attachments for Component 1. Choose items that will help the scorer to get a clear picture of your practice. You don’t need to prove you did something. Which gives a more clear picture of the results of a workshop, learner work, or a paycheck stub for the money you earned? And remember, your key word is sufficient!

  9. Hi, I’m planning to renew this year. My dilemma is that I’ve been out of the classroom as a stay at home mom. I know that I can borrow a colleague’s classroom and use professional development that I have. My question is should I address this information in my submission? Should I tell the scorer my circumstances or just proceed on as I were teaching?

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog so if you have any helpful posts I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

    • Hi, Alison. The general directions suggest that you provide the information necessary to give your assessor the most clear picture of your practice. Whether or not you mention any circumstance unique to you might depend on how you frame the context. I do know many successfully renewed NBCTs who borrowed a classroom. I know some mention this. I know another NBCT who renewed while a stay-at-home mom, but I don’t know how she worked this information into her PPG. YOu might want to try writing this fact in and see how it reads. What’s the impact?

  10. Thank you for your informative site, Luann. I am seeking to renew, but have not paid the fees yet. I cannot seem to find the exact prompts I will be needing to answer as an Early Childhood Generalist candidate. Do I need to pay first in order to see the prompts? I would just like to see what I am in for before I pay. Thank you for your time.

  11. Thank you for your insight into renewal. I have been contemplating this for some time and find your summation of the process very helpful. Your charts especially will help me select which PGEs to document!

  12. Thank you for posting; very helpful. I am struggling with how much I need to go into “improving student learning” in Component 1. I mention that students improved their learning from the PGE, but I’m wondering how in depth I need to go.

    • Wendy,
      Look at the scoring rubric again. Key is the term “sufficient growth.” What can you add to the PGE to show impact on student learning? What evidence did you show or cite? Remember that your whole PPG will be scored by the same reader(s) and that they will look across your entire PPG for evidence of each rubric point. If you’re still writing Component 1, remember that Component 2 is about students. Have you considered the PGE you’ve chosen for Component 2, and what you might be able to add in that component?

  13. I am struggling with what to put for the last question in the reflection… What themes or patterns have emerged that define me as an educator? I’m not sure what kind of themes to be looking for…

  14. I am middle childhood generalist NBCT and it’s time to renew. I’ve chosen 3 of my 4 PGE’s but I’m struggling to find my 4th. I have gone back and gotten my AA=Educational Specialist Degree in Gifted Education (My BS and MA is in elementary education). Is that something I could use?

  15. Kelly E. Duell says

    Aloha, I am struggling…I have done more professional development than can be imagined, but I have no idea how to tie that into the video lesson. I have reread the instructions and prompts more than a dozen times and each time I think I have it, I don’t. For example, I started a federal non-profit aquatics organization to meet the needs of the community-a lack of swimming lessons and an increase in drownings and near-drownings, but the classes I have taped are striking with an implement, underhand throwing pattern, cultural Ihe’ throwing (all with scientific principles embedded). I was one of the editors of Strategies, our discipline’s professional journal, but how does that fit with the video lesson? I developed a land-based program to increase skill acquisition for swimming skills, then collaborated with two college professors to enhance and branch the program; an article is being submitted to our professional journal. But how does that relate to teaching my class proper throwing technique?
    There are no mentors on Hawaii Island and the program coordinator has not responded to several emails.
    My renewal is in Physical Education.
    Is there any way you can help me?

    • Hi, Kelly,

      Can you describe 4 separate, varied, and multifaceted needs you identified for yourself, your students, and/or your professional community? A student-centered need or a need you had to meet the needs of students might be the best bet to develop and teach a lesson back in your classroom. Perhaps working with students on the skills in the land-based program?

    • Hi Kelly – I just stumbled upon this blog, and can’t believe how helpful this can be for all of us! I am renewing in EAYA PE but now teach in an elementary setting (K-5). My assistant principal is also renewing so we are working together, and we have someone proofing our work. Yes, it’s very stressful, and we second guess ourselves at every turn! I reviewed my PGE’s through a review of the STANDARDS, and selected Curricular Choices, Collaboration and Partnerships, Teaching Practices (where I infused all of the technology that I have learned and implemented) and Advocacy. For example, if your work based on the need in your community was to establish your non profit, then you may want to video a swimming lesson with your kids if that is a possibility. Does that make sense? I actually need to video my 5th graders at the beginning of April, because 51% of them need to be 11 years old based on my initial certification. Hope this helps a bit, and hope we can continue to brainstorm. LUANN, thank you so much!

  16. Kelly Jansen says

    I am renewing this year and found this very helpful! I am wondering if you could provide examples of possible SOP’s that would be appropriate to include with Component 1.
    thank you

  17. Thank you for creating this site and sharing your knowledge!

  18. Wait,…I’m so confused. If we certified in 2005….does that mean that currently we are in year 10? If so, can I submit a video dated 2015 for Component 2?

    • you can video now. I am in the same boat. Certified in 2005. I think there is a cut off for the video now that I think about it. May April something. I need to ck on that too!

  19. Patricia Creveling says

    thank you for posting this. I have had writer’s block and my submission is due next month! I especially like the graphic organizer (chart) for the 4 PGEs. My problem is that I can’t come up with the PGEs. I have two good ones (very developed), but my third is not that significant and I can’t think of a fourth! Is there a list, somewhere, of PGEs that teachers have been using?

    • Hello Luann, I’m trying to decide on my PGE’s for component one. So far I plan on doing Close Reading, technology, and collaboration with peer teachers. I was planning on doing one on data analysis but much of my data comes from computer programs and benchmarks throughout the year. Should I not write this up as a separate PGE since it is so focused on technology as well? Your help will be so appreciated.

      • Debbie, your entire portfolio is assessed by the same assessor(s). However you arrange your PGEs, each reader gets the whole picture of your practice. Many renewing NBCTs find it easiest to write each PGE in Component 1 as a separate need and pull in things they did to meet the need.

      • Francesca says

        Hi Debbie. I am also renewing this year for English at secondary level. Whats amazing is that you and I chose the same topics for component 1. I am using a close analysis for my student learning video and going a little crazy because every time I say that students have learned something , I feel just a bit defensive and shallow. I was wondering if for my technology PGE for component 1, if I could combine two PGE’s: my growth in the use of the smartboard as well as my use of the online progress reports to show how data can drive and support parent teacher interaction/

    • I am just beginning the process and am having trouble with PGEs as well. Did you ever find a list of examples? I am still unclear about ‘big’ a PGE needs to be. Is it something as simple as a PD session you attended that then affected student performance or does it need to be something much broader such as ‘community involvement’? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.

  20. Nanci Ostrosky says

    HELP! I only have a month and I am having trouble with a few things since I’ve been getting conflicting advice. So glad I found you here! Can you please answer a few questions for me? Someone in my district who took a workshop on renewal (that I missed because I was late in signing up) said she was told one of the PGE’s MUST be technology. Hmm…I had not planned on using Technology as a PGE and thought the point was to weave the technology THROUGH the PGE. Any thoughts on this?
    Another thing, I actually gave lots of NB workshops in my certificate area (EC GEN) through my district, which lead to me mentoring many of the people who attended. So many people told me they owed their certification to me, so maybe it would be a good PGE. However, how would I document student achievement?
    Thank you SO much in advance for any help you can give me!
    Nanci, South Carolina

    • Nanci, there are no set topics for PGs. Many teachers have successfully “woven” technology throughout. Remember, your work is scored as a whole – one reader and then another will read your entire PPG. Also, you don’t have to have every rubric point in every component. Impact on student achievement can be direct or indirect. In all but Component 2, your “learners” can be any age. You can document student learning with a group of adult students.

    • Chantal Collins says

      How did you do?? I am down to 2 1/2 weeks and on overload because I committed to too many things and left this for last. I am not sure if I can get it done 🙁

  21. nanci1020 says

    Thanks SO much, Luann! Isn’t it funny how some people misunderstand directions? I know from doing it the first time that if there was something that NB expected us to have, it would have been spelled out, so I didn’t really believe that, but yet it’s what renewal candidates were told in a workshop. NB is usually pretty specific about what is expected.
    So, you have me thinking! Am I understanding correctly then with learners being any age (for all but Comp.2), I could indeed use my NB mentoring for a PGE and/or Comp. 3 where it asks for samples (and/or video)?
    You are a godsend….I was so frustrated after all the help I’ve given people to be at a dead-end and no one willing to help me. Just this has made me breathe a little easier!

    • Nanci, it seems you are reading correctly 😉 Good luck!

    • There is a renewal group on yahoo as well that is very supportive. You are free to ask questions and reply to other threads. Luann, I hope that’s ok to share here. google national board renewal yahoo groups and it should come up.

  22. nanci1020 says

    Thanks, Allison. One more question, Luann. I am worried my 4 selections are not multifaceted enough. Here they are: Leadership (we are a Leader in Me school); Writing (based on many workshops and professional reading); Math (same thing) and Mentoring (NB candidates as well as first year teachers in my school). Is that enough (AND can mentoring cover both of those items?
    Thanks again and TGIF!!!

    • Hi, Nanci, I really can’t know if those choices will do it for you, or not. You might get an answer in the Yahoo group. You can find it at the Yahoo group. I’ll edit this and post the info when I can find a good link. Search NBCT Renewal, or something like that.

    • Susie Hill says

      Hi, I was wondering how your Leader In me PGE turned out. I am thinking about using this as one of mine but Im worried that because I didnt come up with implementing it that it wont work.

      • I’m not sure if Nanci is still reading this blog – she’d have to be the one to answer your question.

  23. Hi, Luann, I know that Component 2 has to be in my original cert. However, I cannot seem to find/get any definitive answer on size of group. I’m planning to borrow one small group of 5 students. Is this ok or do I need to show interaction with multiple small groups in one class. Thanks in advance for your help.

  24. Hi Luann, thank you so much for this help. Am I correct in reading all PGEs need to be within the original certification area, or does just one that will be used for component 2 need to be in the original certification area?

    • Hi, Jaime, only Component 2 needs to be with the original cert area AND age group.

      • Tessa Pehanick says

        Friends, in response to this comment. I recently transitioned from MS to ES and I didn’t want to borrow a class for component 2. Instead, I learned that if I waited until 51% of my 5th graders turned 11 for (EAYA) certification this would suffice for my video. This information was then documented in my description of my class. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

  25. Janet Pollock says

    I’ve been pretty busy since I certified (coaching cheerleading) and this is my final year as a NBCT. I am renewing, but feel so overwhelmed with the PGE. I taught 6th grade when I certified and now teach high school. My certification is Literacy ages 3-12, so I am borrowing a 7th grade class to complete the process. Your idea of using post-it notes to jot down what I’ve done is a super idea, but I don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions? I have very little time so I want to make sure I don’t waste it.

    • Janet, I’d jot down everything on post-its, then group the post-its into related areas. That will give you the focus you need to work efficiently. What those areas are will depend on your areas of focus. You will need to do the video component with students in your original cert area and age group.

  26. Beth Larkin says

    My certification is in Early Childhood and I am currently in a high school setting and have been for three years teaching Teacher Academy. When I left, without thinking, I left all artifacts etc. behind. I am somewhat panicked. I am also having trouble figuring out my PGE’s. My thoughts were technology, data analysis/score improvement, reading, and curriculum development or remediation. Does anyone have any feedback on these for PGE’s? I’d also like your feed back for lack of student artifacts being away from the elementary school for three years. All help appreciated!

  27. Brenda Holder says

    Do you have any renewal workshops in the near future?

    • I have nothing scheduled. My materials are now owned by WEA/NEA and workshops must be on their terms. They hold renewal workshops in the summer. I’m working with OEA now to try to schedule something in early January.

  28. I am a bit confused about the SOPs for Component 1. In the directions, it says that certificates are acceptable–but is that really a sample of a product? Would I be better off submitting certificates that show I completed professional development courses, or better submitting an example of something in my lessons that shows the application of the learning to my teaching (such as a lesson plan, Smart Board, document, etc.)? Thanks in advance for any clarification.

    • Chris, in renewal, your word that you did something is good. You are not proving that you completed a training or course – if you said you did it, then you did it. You are showing an assessor how what you learned had direct or indirect impact on student learning. What would be more meaningful to you as a reader – a certificate of attendance, or examples of what you learned?

  29. Hello Luann, I have found your site and commentary extremely helpful. I began as you had suggested by listing all my professional activities I’ve participated in on post it notes. I then sorted them by need. As I read through your threads I realized I did not sort them correctly. I had originally sorted them by categories rather than needs. I then resorted them into three needs; my needs, colleagues & professional community needs, and students needs. I believe this is how you had previously described to sort the post it notes to another individual. Well, I’ve been staring at my post it notes grouped into their three need categories and cannot grasp the PGE concept. I read throughout the threads above to have the need drive my PGE. I have downloaded and printed your charts for the “Renewed” Rubric for Components and List MANY POSSIBLE PGEs. I’m just not understanding how to actually create a PGE. I have 7 different professional activities within my needs, 4 different professional activities within my colleagues/professional communities needs, and 3 professional activities within my students needs. I’m thinking that I will need to split my needs into 2 PGEs since I have the most activities under that need thus creating 4 PGEs? I am not at all clear how to phrase my PGEs since my professional activities are within my need categories are so diverse as I used to teach on the west coast and now teaching on the east coast. Luann, should I be trying to create broad general PGE that would incorporate my professional activities from west to east coast? or should each PGE be focused specifically at a centralized location either east coast or west coast? I really am confused on the language required within the PGE as I am the only individual going through renewal and do not have a community to speak to about whether or not I am on the right track. Any guidance that you may offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Becky

  30. So glad I found this resource. I am on the struggle bus identifying 4 separate PGEs. Definitely using my work in developing blended lessons in my high school math classes, my work with pre clinical, clinical, and new teachers, teaching various PDs on interactive whiteboard software. Can I use my own upgraded education as a PGE ( completed PhD in Ed Leadership, and taken and attended lots loots lots of workshops and conferences) even if these overlap with my other PGEs (i.e. Some of the workshops were on interactive whiteboard use, my PhD research was on teacher working conditions and job satisfaction, some workshops were on mentoring)????

    • Hi. Just curious did you use your upgraded education as a PGE? If so, did that work well for you? I’m having the same question. Thanks.

  31. Tracye Peden says

    Renewal for MC Gen
    I am down to components 2 and 3, and I cannot decide whether to teach a Reading Recovery lesson (teaching only 1 student) for comp 2 and a reading or writing workshop (whole class) for comp 3, or visa versa. Reading Recovery is such a huge part of my professional growth, so I really want to use it. Any advice?

  32. Patricia W says

    Hi Luann,

    I score renewals during the summer and was asked by a renewal candidate a question and couldn’t remember. She is trying to use two different lessons for Component 2. It is the same class and the same PGE, but the video segments focus on two different lessons. I couldn’t remember if this was allowed. I appreciate any help.

  33. Hello, thanks for this informative site. In the video I want to use for component 2 I mention our nearby town to clarifying the meaning a word. I know we can’t name our town in the written commentary or in the learner samples, but wasn’t sure about this. My advisors think it is ok to leave in. What do you think?

  34. Chris V. says

    The advice here is all so solid. I appreciate your commitment to helping teachers renew. I’m renewing as a high school English teacher, with the renewal due 5/18/16, just a few weeks away. I’ve been wondering this lately: Yes, when I certified, I was clear that the point of all the writing was to show impact on student learning. Once I realized that fully, everything fell into place and I could write with real purpose. This time around, I keep reading the prompts and the rubric, but I’m still not solid on what my responses look like. I can see in component 2 that there should be evidence of student learning. And the others? Let me know if you can clarify this at all.

  35. I’m using a student-led Socratic seminar for my video in Component 2. I’m in the video, but I’m not the seminar facilitator. As a middle school ELA teacher, I focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking in my class and National Boards renewal.

    Is this a bad move? I was trying to highlight the students’ ability to read, understand, and discuss the texts.

  36. I am down to one last part. It is Component 3’s “Learner Work Samples.” It goes along with my PGE 2 “Growing through Formal Observations and SLO Goal.” For my two samples, for the PGE, I will place my two formal observations on a page and for the second I will use my end of the year SLO Evaluation. In Component 3, I will go deeper into the need for the SLO which is in the area of geometry. SO my main concern is I have 8 pages…Could I use the 1. a blank pre/posttest 2. Graphs on one page showing the pre/post results 3. MAP results in the area of Geometry 4. a lesson plan of an advanced geometry lesson on tangrams 5. student beginner tangram sample A 6. student beginner tangram sample B 7. student advanced tangram sample A 8. student advanced tangram sample B?
    It all ties together, however each document is not student “work.” Some is evidence of the need, proof of the growth, lesson outline and 4 actual student work samples. PLEASE HELP.

  37. Lisa Macurak says

    Thank you for the information in this blog. I am currently working on renewal. Since 2007, I have been conducting an archaeological dig with students in the town where I teach. They have been part of numerous presentations and I have presented about them. Some finds have even been documented in a new local history book. I was advised not to choose this as a PGE because it is conducted outside of the school day on weekends and in the summer and only to those students who choose to attend. What do you think? I am secretary of the town Heritage Committee and student finds are in their little Main Street museum. Kids have presented at a “boxed lunch talk” for the historical society of our county, have presented to the town council and I have presented at a “Middle States” Conference.

  38. Karen Graham says

    Hi, Luann. I’m wondering about the anonymity restrictions when writing about one of my PGEs. I’m referencing a well-known research-based program/resource and the training I took to implement it in my classroom. The program is Reading Units of Study (RUOS). It comes out of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP). My instinct is to name RUOS in my paper since that’s the easiest way to reference it. However, since the anonymity section of the directions say not to name a college or university, I’m wondering if naming the resource would be a give-away. What are your thoughts?

    • Kristen Arbour says

      I also wonder about this…Does this include professionals outside of my school with whom I have participated in PDs (example Mahesh Sharma, Mike Shackleford)

  39. Thank you for this information, your charts will be of a lot of help. I just moved from Chicago to Denver and need to renew. Ugh! it’s a daunting task since I don’t have my own classroom nor am i a part of a cohort. Not sure how I am going to do this!!!

  40. Caryn Shaffer says

    Hi there! I’m beginning to organize my possible professional growth experiences. The idea of putting them on post its and sorting them has been very helpful. I’m wondering if I should use umbrella terms like, “Professional Development” and “School Leadership” as my PGE’s and then describe more specifics, or if I should focus on one in particular. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

  41. […] More help with organizing your PGE’s… […]

  42. Kristen Arbour says

    I’m struggling with the writing yet again…it is not my wheelhouse. I know the PGEs that I want to use (Center-based math instruction, home-school communication with use of technology, differentiation and being a teacher-leader for my schools move to proficiency based grading) but I feel like I am just saying what I learned in my various PDs and why it was needed….is this enough?

  43. Sara Johnston says

    Hi there, this is very helpful! I am wondering if you might be able to connect me to anyone who has successfully renewed their NB certificate as a stay at home mom? That is what I am trying to do next year and I would love to get help from someone who had gone before me! Thank you for any help that you can provide!

  44. Caryn Shaffer says

    I used your charts when I first started planning my PGE’s and I found them to be incredibly helpful! They greatly helped me organize my thoughts and make sure that I hit all the necessary bullets! Just received confirmation of my renewal last week! Can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  45. Susie Hill says

    Could you give me video advise? Would it be ok to do my video taping in 2 segments such as small group and whole group? Thanks!

    • Check your directions to be sure. I see on pg 29 of the 2016 directions (the directions I used for my most recent renewal) that you can have up to 3 segments but no editing within the segments. IIRC, I used 2 segments. One was a whole class discussion and one was a small group discussing their part in the whole class discussion.

  46. Tammy Johnson says

    Luann! Thank you so much for the site! It’s very helpful and I will use the charts to help define what my PGEs will be!

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