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October 13th, 2009 by Luann

Books for Kids

A meeting today in our district made me aware of 3 things:

  1. Our K-5 kids need books.  Informational books, storybooks, any books.They have no books to take home to read.
  2. Our K-5 teachers don’t have any science materials.
  3. Our K-5 kids, many of them anyway, are reading way below grade level.
  4. We have nearly no intervention materials.

Here’s my plan:

High school students create books for these students, personalized, individual books, books about science or scientists or nature.  The high school students personally hand-deliver the books to a student, then sit and read with the younger child for a bit, then give the child the book to keep.

I’ve spoken with the elementary principals, written a blurb for for paper, ink cartridges, etc.  Now, I need topic ideas for the books.

So far, I’m thinking:

  • animal stories
  • nature stories
  • biographies of scientists
  • fiction
  • alphabet books

and I’m brain dead. (I also just poured a gallon of agar for lab).  What ideas have I missed?


3 Responses to “Books for Kids”
  1. That is such a great idea! I just might use it! (I am a high school science teacher too.)

  2. Brilliant! Win for the K-5 kids and teachers and win for the High school kids (and teachers).

  3. Great idea! Win-win-win scenario. High schoolers learn, create and share and the K-5 kids read and interact in positive way with older kids. Awesome.

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