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August 5th, 2019 by Luann

Projecting from a Tablet, specifically an iPad

I’ve seen many questions on various social media outlets lately, about using a tablet to project in the classroom. Here’s how I do it. With this setup, there is no need to “control” the computer as all files are accessed through the tablet. If you want to “control” the computer, I suggest Doceri instead of Notability. The Remote Mouse app also works nicely, but you can’t write on your files with it.

You need:

  • a tablet (i use iPad Pro) and stylus (Apple Pencil)
  • a projector
  • a way to connect to the projector (Reflector App, AirTame, Apple TV, or one of many others. Ask your tech person how the computers in your building connect to the projectors.)
  • A way to store or access files on your iPad (Google Drive, I prefer Dropbox)
  • An app on the iPad or tablet to bring up the files (Notability is fabulous.)

I use an iPad Pro and Apple pencil, but from what I’ve learned probably any tablet will do. Files can be stored in Google Drive or in Dropbox (my preference) and easily accessed on the iPad. I import the files into Notability, because you can annotate during class and the final product will save back into Notability to share on your class website for viewing later, or using in a flipped classroom.

To connect to your projector, you can use Reflector App (probably the cheapest) which you will install on a computer connected to your projector and access with Screen Mirroring on the iPad. My current school uses AirTame, to which I can connect directly with the iPad.

Connect to your projector, pull up your file, and go!

I’ve found that pdfs of docs and powerpoints are the most reliable as far as holding the formatting. You can choose the format you’d like Notability to save your finished lecture. If you use Dropbox, Notability will save to folders that mirror your folders on the Notability app.

You can simply enable the microphone on the iPad, and record. Your recording saves as an .mp4 file, easily accessible on devices from chromebooks to phones.

Notability has a pretty short learning curve and keeps getting better and better with every update. If you record in Notablilty, the end user also needs Notability to listen. The mic on an iPad makes pretty decent screen recordings.

The tablet can be passed around the room for students to use, too. They can work a problem, add info to a chart or table or diagram, or use the tablet camera to project their lab setup or results.

I will update this post as I learn more. Let me know what you need.

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