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April 19th, 2020 by Luann

COVID-19 Data Sites

I’m making no claims or assumptions of the validity of any of these sites. I’m watching all of them with interest. As with any graph, don’t be fooled by flashy lines until you look closely at the labels and values on the axes.

UPDATE: Added for fellow data geeks

UPDATE: Added NPR site that tracks states

UPDATE: Added vaccine tracker



Worldometer lets you choose to view the world by country, states in the US, and many other combinations.  Seems to be updated frequently.

New York Times has some interesting graphs. As always, pay close attention to the labels AND the values on the axes.

More from the New York Times

Aatish Bhatia uses data from Johns Hopkins University to give us an interesting logarithmic look at new confirmed cases vs total confirmed cases in many countries. I wonder how this will change with new US guidelines for reporting.

And here’s an interactive visual from Johns Hopkins.

What’s going on in your state with cases, testing, contract tracing, ICU headroom, and what do those things have to do with re-opening?

When are states peaking? NPR created a projection for each state.

What states have closed schools? Edweek is keeping track for us.

Why we should stay home.

What’s going on in Ohio? Updated at 2:00 PM daily, as we all tune in Wine with DeWine to watch Dr. Amy Acton update us. You wish you lived in Ohio, too.

And if this wasn’t enough charts and graphs for you, check out Our World in Data, using data from the European CDC.

Is there a site I should add? Let me know.

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