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June 29th, 2017 by Luann

Coming Home to a Place I’d Never Been Before

Yup. We are back in Ohio, after almost 13 years in Washington and then Oregon.

It all happened rather fast. Skyrocketing real estate prices made it a good time to sell the farm.  Administrative changes in my district left me feeling stifled and restless. The Husband easily made a few business moves, made possible because he works from his phone. He bought us a new home in Ohio without my even visiting it. We packed more stuff than 2 people should own. The Husband supervised the movers as they toted it all across the country and he drove the dogs and cat. (Moral of that story: Never purchase something you can’t eat. Except dogs and cats.)

It’s only partly true that I’ve never been here before. We lived in the nearby town for 27 years. We raised our kids here, and they’ve stayed. I knew where the house was but had been inside only through photos and videos. A well-respected local builder built the home for his wife, so construction is topnotch.

I’m considering career options at this point. I’ve turned down 2 offers that were not me, and received one letter of rejection (with typos.) In the meantime, I have some updates to make here – so many posts in draft form – and on the website.

It was time to come home.

New House

New House


5 Responses to “Coming Home to a Place I’d Never Been Before”
  1. Glad to have you back in the Midwest! I’m a western NY yankee and my father moved us to Ohio as well. We stayed too. To quote Dorothy, “There’s no place like home.”

  2. Congratulations! You echoed many of the reasons I left Newberg, but the most important part was being close to my precious grandson. His smile made me realize the fight was not worth it- but he was! The house looks beautiful and I am looking forward to lots of grandma pictures❤️ Enjoy! This is paradise

  3. Kristin Gregory says

    Welcome back to the buckeye state!

  4. I have enjoyed excellent supportive administrators. I can only imagine the challenges you have faced. May you be blessed to find the right fit for the next stage of your journey. (I might suggest you consider teacher education. I think it would help new teachers be better prepared.

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