Biology Unit 7: Cell Cycle


  • Explain how cellular processes and cell differentiation are regulated both internally and externally in response to the environments in which they exist. (H.1L4)
  • Evaluate ways that ethics, public opinion, and government policy influence the work of engineers and scientists.
  • Explain how the results of the work of scientists and engineers impacthuman society and the environment.

Course Essential Questions

  • How are a system's characteristics, form, and function attributed to the quantity, type, and nature of its components? (H1 Structure and Function)
  • How do engineering and design processes look in biological science?
  • How do the results of engineering and design work impact human society and the environment?

Unit Essential Questions

Cell Differentiation

  • What are the different types of cells and tissues found in living things?
  • How did so many different specialized organs in a living thing develop from a single cell?
  • How is differentiation affected by gene expression and environmental factors?
  • In what ways does cell differentiation



  1. Engineering design is a process of formulating problem statements, identifying criteria and constraints, proposing and testing possible solutions, incorporating modifications based on test data, and communicating the recommendations. (H4)
  2. Ethics, public opinion, and government policy influence the work of engineers and scientists. H.4D.6
  3. The results of

Students will know....

  • Terms:
    • Interphase
    • Prophase
    • Metaphase
    • Anaphase
    • Telophase
    • Cytokinesis
    • Stem cell
    • Differentiation

Students will be able to....

  • Describe the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells.
  • Explain how an understanding of cell replication is important background information for learning about cancer and about stem cell research.


Links and Resources

Daily Learning Activities
Day 1 Review mitosis phases and vocabulary with cutouts.
Day 2 Mitosis app (iPad) and discussion re:
Day 3

Differentiation and development

Day 4  
Day 5 Cancer
Day 6 Proficiency

Oregon State Standards:
H.2 Interaction and Change. The components in a system can interact in dynamic ways that may result in change. In systems,changes occur with a flow of energy and/or transfer of matter.

H.2.L.1 Explain how energy and chemical elements pass through systems. Dscribe how chemical elements are combined and recombined in different ways as they cycle through the various levels of organization in biological systems.